Why am I coughing up yellow mucus?

By gdlhbook, March 18, 2016

Coughing can be the alarm of many potential diseases or it can be just the manifestation of a simple irritation but when one is coughing up yellow mucus it is for sure that he gets more scared than in the case of simple coughs. From what I know, when coughing up with yellow mucus is a good sign that the disease is approaching its end because the lungs are getting cleaned by eliminating that substance. Still, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, coughing up this muck can be the sign of a serious condition, such as lung cancer, for example. This is the most dangerous cause this symptom can have. Usually it is accompanied by weigh loss and low appetite and it definitely requires special medical treatment.

Another cause for this condition could be that the person is in fact suffering from pneumonia. Bacterial and viral pneumonia are very serious conditions and apart from the excessive phlegm and mucus one feels the need to cough it is also accompanied by fever and cold. This disease can’t be deprived from treatment and it is for sure that it won’t go away with hot drinks.

When coughing up with traces of blood that are also accompanied by fever or cold sensations one will definitely have to worry. This is usually a sign of tuberculosis. This disease requires serious treatment and it must be kept under observation because it can come back to you just when you thought you are safe.

Viral or bacterial bronchitis are also manifested by coughing. Although bronchitis is not something that you wish for, it is definitely a more easy to handle disease than tuberculosis, cancer or pneumonia. Usually bronchitis is also accompanied by fever, excessive cough and sore throat. These are all signs of inflammation but luckily for us, in this case we can use home remedy to cure and we don’t always have to go to a doctor.

Bronchitis can also be chronic, that is, more difficult to cure than the acute one. The condition is definitely one of its symptoms. In this case, it can be caused by unhealthy habits such as smoking; also, the environment plays an important role when it comes to chronic bronchitis. Those that are exposed to hazardous work environment such as chemical factories or coal mines are more likely to develop this disease and they risk depriving their lungs of oxygen and coughing up yellow mucus.

If you experience this symptom I think it is the best for you to go see a doctor so that he could put the right diagnosis in your case. The condition can be caused by several diseases and as noticed so far, it usually comes accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, sore throat or low appetite. It is difficult for those that have no medical training to correctly identify its cause and I don’t think you are willing to experience every advice you hear on you or on your loved ones.