The Pros and Cons of Half Caffeinated Coffee

By gdlhbook, March 30, 2016

There are many people who feel drinking regular coffee is not very healthy. They might just be onto something if they experience the jitters after drinking caffeinated coffee. Most people do not enjoy that feeling of of nervousness and the accompanying headache and overall “icky” feeling. On the other hand, some people like the fact that caffeinated coffee helps them wake up and feel more alert. So what do you do when you like some benefits of regular coffee, but dislike the side effects? The answer just might lie within a happy medium: half caffeinated coffee; otherwise known as half-caff. Read on to learn more about the ups and downs of half-caff.

The up side

The main upside to drinking half-caff coffee is that it contains less caffeine. This brew will reduce the possible jittery side effects, while still providing a little bit of the desired energy boost.

The taste of half-caff is not really that noticeable. Some people may be able to distinguish the difference, but overall it tastes just as good as regular coffee. If you use additives like sugar and creamer, then you may want to cut back on those too. Thankfully, there are low calorie, fat/sugar free additive options for your daily brew.

Another positive thing about half-caff is that if you are trying to quit drinking coffee altogether, then dropping down to half-caff is a good start. After several weeks of drinking half-caff, then you will find it easier to decrease your caffeine intake even more and eventually end up switching to decaf. After drinking decaf for awhile, you can wean yourself off of coffee altogether much easier and with less negative side effects. 

If you have no desire to stop drinking coffee, half-caff can still be a good choice because it allows you to consume the beverage you love without having to worry as much about it keeping you awake at night!

The down side

The only true downside to drinking half-caff is that it still contains caffeine in larger amounts than you think. The reason for this is that there is not a method of decaffeinating that truly removes caffeine from the coffee bean 100%. Even the best decaf still contains a certain amount of caffeine.

Another possible downside is that half-caff will not give you the alert feeling that regular coffee delivers. If you use coffee to get your blood pumping first thing in the morning, then half-caff just might disappoint you a bit.

Overall, half-caff is a nice middle ground coffee between regular and decaf. It offers most of the perks and few of the cons that come with regular coffee. If you are concerned with your caffeine intake, then give half-caff a try and see what you think about it.