The Benefits of using a Steamer for Vegetables

By gdlhbook, March 26, 2016

You lose a lot of nutrients when you cook vegetables. That’s why using a steamer for vegetables is one of the greatest ways to cook them. They’ll hang onto a lot more nutritional content when they’re steamed, and they’ll stay nice and crunchy to boot!

Nutritional content

Many vitamins, carotenes, and folates break down when they’re exposed to heat. Other nutrients are leached away into the water when you’re boiling vegetables. You’re always going to lose a little nutritional content that way, even if you’re making soup.

For nearly every other form of cooking besides steaming, you’re only going to get about 70 or 80 percent of the vitamins, carotenes, and folates that you’d get in the raw vegetable. If you’re boiling them, that could go as low as 65 percent of the raw nutritional value.

However, using a steamer to cook your vegetables means that you’re going to lose a lot less nutritional content from vitamins, carotenes, and folates than you would when you’re cooking your vegetables any other way. In a lot of cases, you can save nearly all of your nutritional content by steaming your vegetables. You’ll hang onto 95 percent or even 100 percent of nearly all basic nutrients. Folates lose the most nutritional value when they’re cooked, and even there you’ll hang onto 85 percent of them.

Fat content

Most vegetables don’t contain a lot of fat, but that all changes if you’re frying them up in vegetable oil or lard, or tossing in a bit of butter or oil when you’re boiling or roasting them.

When you steam your vegetables, you’re never going to add any extra fat content. The only fats you’re going to get is what’s in the vegetables themselves, and there aren’t a whole lot of vegetables that have a high fat content. That’s a bonus to every diet.

Perfect cooking every time

You really can’t burn your vegetables when you’re steaming them. It’s also a lot harder to overcook them.

That’s why steaming retains the texture of vegetables in a way that no other cooking method can. When your vegetables come out of the steamer nice and crunchy instead of limp and soggy, they’re going to be a lot more appetizing, and you’ll want to eat a whole lot more of them.