Tasty pork ribs

By gdlhbook, April 10, 2016

These techniques have been shared with me by my two American roommates here on the East Coast. I’ve always thought pork ribs are great for making a tasty soup-based meal with vegetables including pepper, tomatoes, onions, and bok choy (Chinese cabbage) but my roommates thought otherwise. They have taught me another method. In our shared household set-up, I’ve gradually become familiar with cooking practices taught to me by my roommates, including grilling pork ribs. The results almost always lead to good conversations over dinner. We’d have pork ribs practically once a week during summer, and each of us would take turns to do the grilling.

* Buying – Taking note of how many will share in the meal during dinner time, you start the process by getting a good size of package of pork ribs from your favorite meat supplier.  Some of them you typically get frozen from the supermarket – but it does not really matter as long as the package has been freshly packed.

* Boiling – If you got the frozen pack, you may have to let it soak for some 5 minutes under running tap water, so this will help thaw the meat faster. Or if you have no problems with using the microwave oven, you can thaw the meat for at least 2 minutes. And then proceed to boil the pork ribs in a big pot that can contain all the cuts.  Boil it under medium flame for at least one hour.

* Marinating – While waiting for the boiling to get done, get ready with your preferred barbecue sauce that you will use as a marinade for the pork rib cuts. You may also use ready-made sauces from the supermarket – we would always have barbecue honey sauce. After boiling, drain the hot water from the pot, and place the pork ribs in a roasting pan.  Pour the barbecue sauce on the pork ribs, and spread it out to all the pork cuts (using a brush if you have one). Then drip on top of the ribs drops of molasses – this is the secret ingredient here that will make the grilled meat a lot flavorful. Then give it a dash of diced onions and garlic flakes. Marinate the meat for at least 3 hours. You may actually choose to do the marinating process the night before you plan to grill the next day – as you may have known, marinating overnight gives a better taste to meat.

* Grill – This process will give the pork ribs its “back-to-basics” appeal, or more specifically, its charred taste,  – which process was learned and developed in an unknown period in time when humans were believed to have been doing  plenty of open-air grilling just to be able to enjoy better their meals. This, in a way, is one of our direct cooking links with our ancestors. For a great tasting meal, make sure you grill both sides of the meat cuts. This will also help reduce fat from the meat as grilling will smolder fatty parts down. When grilled, brush again or pour all the remaining marinade from the roasting pan on the meat – this definitely will be the clincher for the superb flavor that you will enjoy while having the meal.

You may serve grilled pork ribs with pork and beans, plus another side dish of vegetables. Enjoy the meal while it’s still hot.