Product Reviews the Magic Bullet Blender

By gdlhbook, March 24, 2016

Being a skeptic by nature, I watch those late-night informercials only for the entertainment factor. I never fall for the salespitch they are throwing at me and I definitely never dig out my pencil to take the number down or my credit card to pay for the disappoointment that will certainly come with the receipt of the product. With this attitude, I tuned in to the Magic Bullet infomercial one night and watched as meals were made in seconds and people “ooohed” and “ahhhed” every few seconds. Yeah, right.

My mother and my youngest daughter, however, are of an entirely different nature. They watch the informercials with complete faith that whatever they see and hear on them must be true. When my daughter’s thirteenth birthday rolled around, she opened up a brand new Magic Bullet from her grandma. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself over this unusual gift. My mom explained to me that she had gotten one for herself and since they were on a “buy one, get one free” special, she got my daughter one, as well, and all for the low price of $79.00. They were both incredibly excited to try out their new products.

That was two years ago and the Magic Bullet is still my daughter’s favorite gift she has ever received. It took me only a couple of days to give in to my curiosity over the new gadget that was gracing my kitchen counter. I made an omelette, just as they had shown on the informercial and sure enough, it worked perfectly! Amazed, I went on to create a fruit smoothie that turned out as good as anything I had gotten from my beloved Jamba Juice. The difference? At Jamba Juice, I shell out almost five dollars for the drink. With the Magic Bullet, I spent a mere dollar or two on the ingredients, saving at least three dollars. After making about twenty-five of these delicious blended treats, the machine has paid for itself. Looking at it that way, the $79.00 price tag isn’t too much at all. That isn’t even taking into consideration that you also receive a free one!

The Magic Bullet comes with all the accessories you need to make an assortment of recipes and it also comes with a book that can get you started with dozens of ideas. The two blades, 4 large and 2 small cups with top rings for serving, and the shaker lid are all dishwasher safe so clean-up is a breeze. The size of the machine makes it easy to store or keep on the countertop without taking up too much space.

I use the Magic Bullet daily to grind my coffee beans and make protein shakes for my husband. My daughters use it for scrambled eggs and milkshakes on a regular basis. It is a wonderful addition to our kitchen and has stood the test of time with daily use. I may not yet be a informercial convert, but this is one that you can buy with assurance that it really does perform just as they show it.