How to grill thin pork chops

By gdlhbook, April 8, 2016

Today’s pork is so devoid of fat it has become super tough. Oh to have a thick juicy pork chop like the ones of the past; but unless things change today’s chefs are stuck to eating pork that is chemically treated to be tender or eating untreated pork that is so lean you must cook it in one of two ways: either quickly over high heat or slow and long over low heat.

By necessity, if you want to grill a tasty, tender but thin pork chop you will need to cook it over high heat.  First, however, you must plan on marinating it.  Marinate your chops for about an hour and during that time you can make your sides, set your table and pour your beverages as the grilling time for a thin pork chop is about 4-8 minutes, total, depending upon how thin the chop is.

There are many marinades that work well with pork, everything from a bottle of Italian salad dressing to a more complicated marinade of leeks, lemons and ginger root.

Because you will be cooking this meat so quickly, you can feel safe using a sweetener in your marinade without worrying about the sugar burning on the grill. 

I like the following marinade for thin chops because of its sweet and tangy flavor.

1/3 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoon1s honey
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon tomato paste

Whisk together and use to baste meats or as a marinade. For this recipe, reserve 1/2 cup to pour over the cooked chops.

Turn your grill onto high heat and brush it with oil. Make sure it heats up as high as it will go and do not put the lid down while grilling as you don’t want to “stew” your chops.

Once the chops have been marinated, remove them from the liquid and place them on a dish. Bring a watch with you as you will not want to lose track of the time and do not leave the grill until you have finished cooking the pork chops.

With long tongs, put the chops on the grill and check your time. Cook for about 2 minutes and see if you can move the chops with ease. If they are sticking to the grill, let them cook for another minute or so.

Once they move easily, rotate them about 45 degrees and let them cook for about 2 more minutes. Do not flip them because thin chops will cook through without a flip. If your chops are super thin, and your grill is super hot, you chops will be done.

Remove your chops to a platter and drizzle the reserved marinade over the chops and serve.

Note: Adjust cooking time to the size of your chops. Do not overcook or you’ll end up with hockey “puck” chops rather than tender pork chops.