How to Choose Cutlery

April 3, 2016

Choosing cutlery for the kitchen is often problem of not knowing what type of knife will endure abuse and what kind of knife will require  regular maintenance.  Carbon steel knives for instance keep their edge well and are cheaper than other similarly proportioned knives but they require careful cleaning and need to be lubricated with […]

Etiquettes and Tips for using Chinese Chopsticks

April 2, 2016

Chinese chopsticks are made of fine wood or bamboo, and are about 10 to 11 inches in length for adults. Chopsticks for children are shorter than adults while the chopsticks of the host of a function are the longer, as he has to serve the food on the plates of his guests. The correct manner […]

Nuwave Oven Green Cooking

April 1, 2016

The NuWave countertop oven is an attractive addition to your kitchen counter. It promises healthy and flavorful food cooked quickly with minimum energy. The oven is primarily glass allowing tantalizing views and aromas of food cooking to perfection before your eyes. This smart little oven combines the infrared cooking of a broiler with conduction heat […]

Tips for Cooking in a Cast Iron Pan

March 31, 2016

Though there have been many changes in cookware over the century, the past five years have shown incredible breakthroughs in technology. Even the Teflon coating is rivaled by some of the new green cookware. However, some people still maintain that iron cookware is the best and it is all they will use. Here are some […]

Best Ways to Learn to use Chopsticks

March 30, 2016

Learning how to use chopsticks isn’t as difficult as one might think.  There are actually some methods that can make learning to eat with chopsticks fun and easy.  When you learn how to properly eat with chopsticks, a whole new world of delicious food will be at your fingertips.  There is a right way and […]

The Pros and Cons of Half Caffeinated Coffee

March 30, 2016

There are many people who feel drinking regular coffee is not very healthy. They might just be onto something if they experience the jitters after drinking caffeinated coffee. Most people do not enjoy that feeling of of nervousness and the accompanying headache and overall “icky” feeling. On the other hand, some people like the fact […]

How to use Chopsticks Correctly

March 29, 2016

For many, using chopsticks is part of the charm of having Asian food.  To some, however, their use is a complete mystery.  If you find yourself in the latter group, but you would like to master this skill, a little bit of practice can prepare you to use chopsticks with ease. First, teach yourself how […]

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Knives

March 28, 2016

I’ve had my share of junk knives and still do. I’ve two decent knives and a couple more decent pocket knives but where I load up is in the hunting knifes. We however are talking about kitchen knives so as my wife would say “down boy.” I never could afford the $1000 knives and I […]

Great Tips for Pickle Making

March 27, 2016

Homemade pickles are leaps and bounds better than store bought.  Great pickles are very easy to make, it just takes the right cucumbers, ingredients, and preparation. My grandma taught me how to make pickles when I was first married. She said the recipe and tips she used were handed down from generation to generation. My […]

The Benefits of using a Steamer for Vegetables

March 26, 2016

You lose a lot of nutrients when you cook vegetables. That’s why using a steamer for vegetables is one of the greatest ways to cook them. They’ll hang onto a lot more nutritional content when they’re steamed, and they’ll stay nice and crunchy to boot! Nutritional content Many vitamins, carotenes, and folates break down when […]