Best Ways to Learn to use Chopsticks

By gdlhbook, March 30, 2016

Learning how to use chopsticks isn’t as difficult as one might think.  There are actually some methods that can make learning to eat with chopsticks fun and easy.  When you learn how to properly eat with chopsticks, a whole new world of delicious food will be at your fingertips. 

There is a right way and a wrong way to use chopsticks.  Chinese people will be noticeably impressed when they witness your ‘proper’ use of their eating utensils.  One of the best ways to learn to use chopsticks properly is being tutored by a Chinese friend.  Learning from an expert is a surefire way to quickly learn how to use chopsticks the Chinese way.  The best way to learn carpentry is being tutored by a carpenter, right?  So learning to use chopsticks from a Chinese person makes perfect sense. 

If you don’t have a Chinese friend you can still learn to use chopsticks the right way.  The following are some great steps that will make teaching yourself to use chopsticks as easy as 1-2-3.

*Teaching Yourself to Use Chopsticks*

Step 1.  The first thing you need to do is to lay your right hand on its side on a flat surface.  (Most Chinese people use their right hand)  Your smallest (pinkie) finger should be on the bottom, against the table.  You should keep your hand relaxed and extend your index (pointer) finger slightly. 

Step 2.  Now you should lift your thumb straight up and place a chopstick on your hand, touching two of your knuckles.  The two knuckles the chopstick should touch are the knuckle where your index (pointer) finger connects to your hand and the last knuckle on your middle finger right next to the fingernail.  Next you need to lower your thumb into place, feeling the pressure from the chopstick on those two knuckles.

Step 3.  Next you need to add the second chopstick.  You should align the second chopstick parallel with the tip of your index (pointer) finger.  You can hold the second chopstick in place with the tip of your thumb.  Now you just have to bend the tip of your index (pointer) finger to open and close the chopsticks. 

That wasn’t hard at all was it?  Now you know the proper grip and how to eat with your chopsticks.  Remember, practice makes perfect!